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Carolyn McAdams has a track record of proven success as mayor of Greenwood. Below, you can read about the ways in which she continues to improve our community.

City Beautification

A clean and attractive community is essential to providing a high quality of life for our residents. No one wants to live in a community with overgrown lots, unkempt streets and sidewalks, littered parks and playgrounds, dilapidated structures, and neglected neighborhoods.  (Read More)

Downtown Revitalization

With leadership from Mayor Carolyn McAdams, the city has been a proud partner in the revitalization of historic downtown Greenwood. Carolyn knows that the health of a city’s downtown is representative of the health of the overall community. That’s why she has worked so hard to preserve Greenwood’s history and architectural integrity. (Read More)

Economic Development

Attracting new jobs and retaining existing industry will help make Greenwood the economic engine of the Mississippi Delta. Mayor McAdams knows that sustainable, high-wage jobs also create robust economies and vibrant communities in which people want to live. (Read More)

Financial Stability

Mayor McAdams has carefully balanced the budget each year during her administration without tapping into our city’s reserves, all while steadily adding over $1.2 million in surplus funds over the past seven years. And the great part is that she has achieved this while making steady progress throughout the city. (Read More)

Healthy Hometown

After years of hard work, Greenwood was selected as a 2012 Healthy Hometown by the Blue Cross & Blue Shield Foundation of Mississippi. This honor was the result of Mayor McAdams’ commitment to making Greenwood a healthy place to live and work. (Read More)

Safe Community

Living in a safe community gives residents and visitors the peace of mind they need to live a comfortable life in Greenwood. Mayor McAdams is committed to keeping our community safe by providing our police department with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. (Read More)

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